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Natural Scabies Treatment

The products listed below are 100% natural FDA registered homeopathic medicines and over the counter scabies treatments:

  • Naturasil Scabies Starter PackNaturasil for Scabies Treatment Kills Mites & Eggs with natural scabies medicine that stops scabies mites from the outside and penetrates the skin to work internally as well. 
  • Naturasil for Scabies Treatment Topical Cream is an FDA registered homeopathic specially formulated scabies cream that works with the Naturasil for Scabies liquid to eliminate the scabies rash caused by mites burrowing in the skin. 
  • Naturasil Immune Renew helps boost your immune system overall to help your body's natural defenses. 
  • Naturasil Sulfur-Lavender Medicated Soap is an FDA registered homeopathic medicated scabies soap used in conjunction with our topical products to assist in deeply cleansing the skin and to symptomatically treat scabies infections.

By using these products in combination you will more effectively treat your scabies by healing you and treating your environment at the same time. Each product has been carefully crafted with you and your family's health and safety in mind.


    1. The Nightmare Finally Ends!

      Posted by Bryan H., Nashua, N.H.

      If you are reading this i know exactly how you felt. I have been "trying" to get rid of these nasty things for over two months with no success with permethrin and countless other products. It has been a week since i started this regimen and i am FINALLY sleeping and getting back to a normal existence. If you are serious about getting rid of your scabies don't think twice about this product!

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